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Even if I had a counter showing the number of thoughts that went through my mind during the day and the ones that were worth thinking about, I probably wouldn’t make an effort to control them. Because I have no idea how the process of the emergence of thought emerges. I don’t understand how they even came out of me when I sat down and spent a minute conscious. As if I have a big black hole in my head and I want everything I swallowed before I was born, I want to vomit. I cannot understand if I exist, let alone the question of who I am when I feel that I have very little control of this perfect mechanism in which I live. Perhaps our biggest mistake is that we see ourselves as a separate entity rather than a whole. I’m not the first to say that. That is to say, the human being can achieve similar results in one way or another.

I believe that what has made a person for a long time has a great deal of habit. Because we are creatures who love to live in a cycle. Some of us start the day with smoking, some with music, some with silence. But when we wake up, things we do don’t change. Over the years, our way of thinking has shaped the environment. Some of them gave little direction to this one, others in the dark sunglasses wearing the first thing that came into his bundle was created. Even the clothes we wear are invisible. Our self has made it possible for us to think of e me zorla by infecting a piece of itself that is abstract and concrete. We often travel autopilot during the day. The number of things we have consciously intervened is small. The answer to the other’s word, the way we walk, our skills, our tea brew are things that are automatically made with the information that is stored indoors somewhere. This is a normal, human condition. Without such a mechanism, we would have to make an effort as if we were learning for the first time doing most things for the first time. This situation would harm us because the human’s mechanical structure was programmed to survive. But we’ve overestimated this. With the advancement of prosperity, we have become able to feed our body and mind very easily. Although this sounded pleasant at first, the curiosity that led us to reach these days greatly blunted. When the amount of stimuli in the surrounding area began to increase, the senses in the brain were detected and functioning. Simple excitement, human relations, ordinary things did not stop us. What we have created in our lives as well as the things that give us the maximum impulse. In doing so, we did not say, hop my fellow, where is this going? Bunu. We had an insatiable creature within us because our duty as a human being was to slaver him, and always to cherish him. Do you understand now why you’ve come to a slight stretch when you’re reading this sentence?

Everything I have written above is open to arguments, the foundations of which are based on my own observations, not the result of a theory. But I’m so bored now that I feel like I have to write this. I’m bored more and more constantly consume what they want. Will I die if I leave you hungry? If I turn off the light, will you turn on me for the sake of all these years?

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